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Microtronicsforu is an Embedded R&D centre primarily focusing on providing practical knowledge on Microcontroller based Electronics to Engineering students.
Microtronicsforu is a R&D centre with a vision to become a renowned research institute in Embedded System domain with a comprehensive projects credibility in both hardware and software level.
Microtronicsforu is a R&D centre with a mission to provide an industry standard practical knowledge in Embedded System domain.
Electronics projects for engineering students
Aspirants, willing to make their career as an Embedded System R&D, may join our courses. Please check for our Training Courses in Website.
High end Microcontroller based Robotics project.
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Robotics is a combination of Electronics and movable parts, motors and accessories. Microcontroller can be used as core components of any Robotics project. It is a self-contained system with peripherals, memory and a processor that can be used as an embedded system. Most programmable microcontrollers that are used today are embedded in Robotics project.
8051 Microcontroller
The Intel MCS-51 (commonly termed 8051) is an internally Harvard architecture, complex instruction set computing (CISC) instruction set, single chip microcontroller (µC) series developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded systems.
Arduino designs and manufactures computer open-source hardware, open-source software, and microcontroller-based kits. The project is based on microcontroller board designs, produced by several vendors, using various microcontrollers.
Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi is a series of credit card-sized single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intent to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries.
Opportunity is unlimited and that’s the reason why Electronics is one of the most demanding field in engineering.
Final year project has very important role for the in or off campus interview. A end to end project understanding is key for a better placement.
Interested student may get a hands on and practice their final year electronics projects in sensor, arduino, raspberry pi, microcontroller and robotics with us.
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